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How fortunate we are though that we have been able to immerse ourselves so freely in creative pursuits; to be able to embrace the positive stresses of facing a new blank page every day rather than facing the drudgery of repetition.To all of you who have made this possible by supporting our creative endeavours: you have our whole-hearted gratitude.False light, which is similar to defamation, generally involves untrue factual implications about the subject that, although they might not hold the subject up to scorn or ridicule, nevertheless cause emotional distress.The crux of both of these claims is falsity; with very rare exceptions, truthful statements and implications that harm another's reputation will not create liability, although they may open you up to other forms of liability if the information you publish is of a personal or highly private nature.

The sections that follow are not intended to make you an expert on media law, but merely to help you identify potential "red flags" so that when you publish something that might result in liability, you will know to be extra careful and will take the necessary steps to minimize your potential legal risks. First, if you publish information that harms the reputation of another person, group, or organization, or inflicts emotional distress upon another person, you may be liable for "defamation" or "false light." Defamation is the term for a legal claim involving injury to reputation caused by false statements of fact and includes both libel (typically written or recorded statements) and slander (typically spoken statements).

We only hope that you have received as much joy through the years from our works as we have had in creating them.

In order to ensure chemical safety in the workplace, information about the identities and hazards of the chemicals must be available and understandable to workers.

The case of your email address in both places must match. You should also see your badges on your My MVCR dashboard page.

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