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It's a blue screen, My computer is made up of the following new components:-Intel i5 2500k 3.3Ghz-Z77x-D3H Motherboard-4x2 Platinum OCZ 8gb Ram-Radeon 6870 sapphire Please help me!

Since your screen is flickering you may not able to open other programs, but you can access Task Manager by using ‘Ctrl Shift Esc’ keyboard shortcut Run new task, type msconfig and press enter 3.

Now opening system configuration utility by typing ‘msconfig’ without quotes in the Run dialog box 7.

Uncheck ‘Safe Boot’ in Boot tab and restart your computer in normal mode.

Can’t stop Windows 10 from installing updates of apps in your PC?

Here you can follow this article to stop Windows 10 from installing unwanted apps such as Candy Crush etc with ease now.