Mandy moore dating andy roddick

It’s official: Following years of on-again, off-again dating, Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have gotten engaged.

After Moore was spotted wearing an engagement ring, a friend of the actress and singer told Life and Style magazine, “She is so excited… She’s really happy.” The actress herself confirmed the engagement to Perez Hilton.

Is it a nagging injury, trouble in the locker room or even, yes, a personal problem?

When the Justin Verlander only wins 15 games instead of 24, it must be due to his model girlfriend, right?

The 'Candy' hitmaker filed for divorce rocker Ryan, 40, in January, citing "irreconcilable differences." In a joint statement, the former couple said: "Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have mutually decided to end their marriage of almost 6 years.

"It is a respectful, amicable parting of ways and both Mandy and Ryan are asking for media to respect their privacy at this time." The pair tied the knot in March 2009 and were always private about their relationship.

She was overheard singing during a demo recording session by a Fed Ex delivery person.

I'm asking myself life-altering questions like, ‘Who am I? So it was like someone flipped a switch in me." On breaking up with Zach Braff: "The breakup added to what I was going through, but it's not the complete reason. That's not to say I'm ready to jump back into a relationship any time soon. But it would be fun to have a crush." On why she doesn't drink: "I'm a control freak, and I think maybe that's why. I've been drunk maybe 2-3 times in my life, though I do like to have a glass of wine before going into the studio, to mellow me out." : Lindsay Lohan does the same thing - you know, just a glass of wine or 15 before she walks onto a movie set. It's not a completely correct perception of who I am." On the future: "I'm still figuring it all out, but I want to be extraordinary. I've always been really shy, very ‘don't look at me.' I've wanted to hide.

Singer and actress Mandy Moore was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on April 10, 1984.

The daughter of an airline pilot and former news reporter, Moore was raised outside of Orlando, Florida.

Or if Tony Romo takes a Mexican vacation before a playoff game, then it must be his girlfriend’s fault that they lost the game, right? An athlete starts dating or hanging out with a celebrity, and people just assume his performance will decline.

It’s not as if we can get into the minds of these players ourselves, but to use a celebrity significant other as a sole explanation of poor play seems a little convenient.