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“You get to watch a fun night of TV, part with a few pounds – as much as you can afford – and you get to help people all around the world,” he says.Climate change is, at its core, an issue of injustice. He presented the Channel 4 series for seven years, as well as the the main series of 'Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack' on E4 in place of Davina Mc Call.Comic Relief returns with a stellar cast, all hoping their funny turns will help raise huge amounts of money for projects in Africa and closer to home in the UK.For the first time ever, Comic Relief will come live from the London Palladium, with the evening’s entertainment led by presenters Davina Mc Call and Claudia Winkleman. I’ve visited some amazing projects over the years to see exactly where the public’s money is going.Few men in showbiz can talk as enthusiastically about George Clooney’s skin as French politics.Which makes Dermot O’Leary, Britain’s King of Saturday night television, a rare breed indeed.The new series will have a more “back to basics” feel, with the reintroduction of the audition rooms and getting back to finding great British talent.He said: “I think the other thing this year is it’s really warm, it’s funny and it doesn’t feel cruel.”He even suggested that Simon Cowell was nicer than previous series, putting it down to him being a father.

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The exfoliant of the range contains very fine charcoal powder (which is deeply mattifing), so there is no concern about any micro tearing in the skin that facial scrubs can sometimes induce.We meet on a sunny Thursday morning in April, when Marine Le Pen, former leader of France’s biggest far-right, anti-immigration party, The National Front, is a candidate in the running to become president in the country’s May election.‘I’m excited that [someone] can quit a party and still be favourite to be president and I’m appalled that National Front can be so huge,’ says Dermot, a self-confessed history and ‘politics nerd’ who has one big grumble about British politics: ‘I’m not a massive fan of our electoral system,’ he says.Former contestant Katie Waissel was recently announced as a CBB contestant.’s best dressed men, and on his way to becoming a national treasure (if he’s not already there), and Britain's friendliest fact - Dermot O’Leary.