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In October 2010 he released a third album, The Other Side of Down, featuring lead single "Something 'Bout Love".

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alum David Archuleta has apologized about a tweet that looked like he seemingly weighed in on the religious freedom debate.We sometimes wish things would have gone differently, but life doesn’t always go the way we hope it to at first. I was reminded of the stressful and overwhelming moments that broke me down a lot of times, but also of the many good people that helped me get back up.I was reminded of the moments that changed my life on the show.I will say not being stressed and having so much attention, I was able to enjoy the time backstage saying bye to everyone and meeting the people that worked behind the scenes.I love meeting the people who are also a part of the show in both big ways and small ways that no one else ever sees or hears about. Yeah, I am sad I didn’t sing but also happy I was there. 😉 *EDIT* find the answer for Cinthia at the bottom!