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See more » I loved this series when it was on in the 80's, and was worried when A&E started showing it again (M-F, 12pm ET) that I'd be disillusioned by the actual quality of the show, as opposed to what I remembered it to be (as I have been for other series I've seen after 15 years). Would that I enjoyed some series from the 90's as much as I love this classic from the 80's!!

It all started when her father, brother, and uncle passed away in a tragic car accident that she survived and now bad luck seems to follow her around everywhere.

Mc Call, the tough-minded duo set out to crack down on L. The two of them live in San Diego, where they own a private detective agency. The show was set in San Diego, but mainly filmed in the Venice and Marina del Rey districts of Los Angeles County, and near and around Universal City, next to its production base at Universal Studios.

San Diego appears in many episodes, but usually limited to a few scenes and what is known as "B" roll.

Three vietnam veterans (Nick Ryder, Cody Allen and Murray Bozinsky) now work as private eyes in sunny southern California.

Nick and Cody are the muscles and Murray is a computer wizard of ...

Após os ovos serem eliminados e fecundados as lulas adultas começam a morrer.

KFC is not afraid to share corporate and customer service contact information.

The struggle that Maguire feels working towards overcoming her anxiety is realistic and raw and something that readers will be able to relate to on a variety of levels.

Many of the characters that Stokes formed in this novel are multidimensional including Jordy who struggles with his own demons and Maguire’s possible enemy Kimber.

Today, the Colonel’s secret recipe is still a secret and the company is still going strong.

When it comes to food products of any kind you are bond to have angry customers from time to time.